Rough Patch ~ Twisted Fate

  The Movie

Rough Patch 
Twisted Fate
The Movie

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Copyright © 2012 Hayden Cinema Entertainment Film Studios
Movie Script written by Ton'e Brown, Published by Hayden Publishing TInc., TM
The novel Rough Patch ~ Twisted Fate is transcribed into a movie-script, telling the story of individuals as their lives intertwine with encounters that lead to the discovery of life changing world winds of unimaginable events setting the course of their fates..
Plot Synopsis

As a handful of individual lives intertwine in their own Rough Patch they experience a wake up call as their lives change as they know it when it becomes clear they now must face their different Twisted Fate.
Jackie(Valaira Sa-Ra) disowns her daughter (Leah Monet) after having an encounter with a Internet stranger and giving birth to a child she questioned its paternity, clashing with her husband Mike( Isaac Serrano) causing the relationship to be distant and cold.
Frances (Kelly "Kellz" McClendon) face life head on after experiencing a traumatic childhood that leaves her having to walk by a spiritual faith that helps her discover her true worth. She has a daughter she named Jazzy(Bria J)and becomes determined to show her an unconditional love as a mother. However even as an adult she desperately longs for a motherly love, so much so, that some how she connects to an older woman whose life is so troubled she put her in a position greater than she bargain for or could possibly expect.
The death of a young girl Jalia (Selena Gabrielle Carrillo) brings to light a lost identity of a woman named Gerri (Nadine Bone) that's on the run with her children who suddenly finds she has no choice but to reveal her true identity in order to save the life and future of her daughter.
Mr. Jersey Shank/Drake (Kal Cauthen) a business Tycoon with a soft side builds the confidence of a young woman who never experience a positive relationship with a man also teaching her the value of a woman's worth. However on the other hand their is a side of him that takes you into a dark side that no mans twisted fate should have to endure. NEVER, should anyone owe him a debt, but a foolish gambler name Roger(Quentin Plair) switches identity with a friend causing confusion that determine both their fates. Gambling is a sin that will take you further than you want to go.
Dell Montgomery (Antonio Jennings) a well to do engineer invites a co-worker into his life as a friend, bonds with him not realizing his gambling debt will put him in a position to loose everything, leaving him homeless and full of debt, also facing a twisted fate never thought possible could happen to him. After loosing all the wealth that defines him, Dell Montgomery moves into an extended stay hotel, meets the woman he prayed God send him but his current lifestyle shames him to ignore his feelings until he found himself in a position with no other choice but to trust her. She's the only person that can either help him get his life back or communicate his whereabouts.
A group of brothers from college Kenton (Marvin Vance)Lonnie (Marc Henry Lazarre) Mori (Rob Madden) Terri (Jermaine Mangum) mourn the lost of their brother as they learn their was a betrayal among them and now holds a secret between them that bonds them for life.
Roxy (Tiffany Brown) a struggling girl who mother's drug life left her alone as a teen is taken in by Old Man Jay (O. Levon Jackson) a retired militant who guides her to develop her education and a promise for a better life. But before accepting that opportunity she makes a few bad choices along the way before taking life more serious.
Each life; Frances, Dell, The Brothers, Gerri, Roxy and Mr. Jersey Shank the business tycoon all intertwines and comes to an unexpected end for the one person( Roger) who by one decision changed the lives of all.
Rough Patch - Twisted Fate Movie
Hayden Cinema Entertainment Film Studio

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Novel Rough Patch Twisted Fate written by Ton'e Brown and changed over to a screenplay October 2012 and went into pre-pproduction February 2013 and set for post production

January 2014 with a release  spring 2014 



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